My background and "My Mission"

   I remember when Twitter first started and thinking to myself, "This looks like it's going to be a platform for popular people and celebrities." It is and I'm not one. I went crazy on it one night Tweeting at one of my favorite creators, Scott Adams, about Las Vegas. No one was listening. No one ever does when I Tweet.

   I remember when Facebook started and setting up an account. When I heard Snowden talking about the NSA, I deleted it. I'm really too old and out of touch in this social media internet world. What happened to privacy?
  I have always been into politics since Vietnam. I am really into YouTube. It is politics like I have never been able to experience it most of my life. I am addicted to it. But now someone has started a war on speech. They are screwing up my YouTube. I just want to be left alone to watch what everyone has to say and sort things out for myself.
  People with an "education" are starting to interfere with my ability to get one. They think silencing uncomfortable speech is the way to go. They don't understand how speech works. They think us normies are too stupid to figure out what's right or wrong for ourselves. They are afraid of us and hate us.

   They need to grow up and get a life. Put up with some criticism. Open their minds. Escape from the bubble they are trapped in. I know it's not easy to do. "Educations" can be too specialized and focused at times. That means you may know a whole lot about one thing and f%^kall nothing about another and that's an "uneducated" fact.

   I know what's behind all of this. Money and power. I have no power. But I do have a tiny bit of money. I'm tired of the system skimming a tiny bit off of my tiny bit whenever I buy something. I am hoping I can at least feel satisfied when I am limiting their tiny bit of my tiny bit as much as I can.

   I don't care whether it makes any difference if no one joins me on my mission to fix what is going on with the YouTube I loved for a couple years. Too many people may not understand or are too oblivious to the consequences of their inaction. They will be stuck with the results of their failure to act, when people like me are gone. Too bad for them.

That is "My Mission"